Winter Slip & Fall Safety Tips

As the days gets colder and the ground begins to freeze, the risk of slipping and falling on ice increases. With winter approaching, help keep yourself and your loved ones safe from falls by following these basic winter slip and fall prevention tips:

1.      Check the Weather: Before heading out into the cold, check the weather for freezing conditions.

2.      Wear Appropriate Clothing: After checking the weather, dress accordingly. Do not wear high heels or other unstable shoes if the weather conditions could cause the ground to freeze. Bring an extra pair of shoes or other clothing with you if necessary.

3.      Use Handrails: On stairs or ramps, always use handrails when available. The ground may be icy and you may not realize it!

4.      Use Salt in Front of Your Home and Shovel Sidewalks: Use salt or other agents that will melt any ice in front of your building/house. Shovel any snow from your area way and sidewalk in front of your house. You are liable for the sidewalk in front of our house in NYC.

5.      Don’t Allow Children to Run in Icy Conditions: If you are with your child, don’t let them run on icy ground. Make sure they are wearing anti-slip shoes.

6.      Assume All Surfaces Are Slippery: Be cautious when you step outside your home. Assume any surface will be slippery and walk slowly to your destination.

7.      Keep Yourself Balanced: If necessary, keep your arms out at your side and slightly extended if you need to keep yourself balanced on icy sidewalks.

8.      Keep Your Eyes and Head Up: Looking down at the ground throws off your balance and you may bump into someone coming your way. Keep your head up and look out for what’s ahead.

It’s the property owner’s obligation to keep driveways, sidewalks and walkways clear of snow and ice. If they fail to do so, injuries such as slips and falls are likely to occurs. The kinds of accidents are often severe and can result in serious injuries. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to a property owner’s negligence, we can help. Contact us today.