NHL Concussions: Head Injuries and Hockey

While we are highly focused on the NFL and head injuries, professional hockey players are sustaining serious head injuries as well. This year during the first 8 days of the season, 3 NHL players have already sustained concussions.

In the NHL, we usually see injuries such as lacerations, black and blue eyes, and other minor injuries, but serious concussions are quite frequent among these players as well.

The most alarming statistic found, according to this article, is that a punch to the head actually creates the worst head injuries. We know that NHL is a violent game and the players often get involved in physical altercations. However, that uppercut creates two times the accelerations that could be delivered by a shoulder or an elbow.

Mayo Clinic’s Aynsley Smith states in this article that a program has been put in place in Minnesota to make NHL games safer. The program is called Fair Play. “And where the power of Fair Play is that a single point gets counted in the end of the year standing. But if you plan in a respectable manner, you earn a Fair Play point, and that gets added in”, Aynsley stated.

Learn more about these efforts on NPR.org

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