Elliptical Bicycles are the New Trend in NYC

You may have seen the new ElliptiGo around the city. It looks like a cross between a bike and an elliptical machine. Not only does this contraption turn heads, but it’s also a total body workout. “[The ElliptiGo] works 34% more metabolically than riding a regular bike”, Olympic athlete Michael Gostigian said in an interview to Fox 5 News. “You’re using different muscles than you would be bicycling, and you’re actually mimicking the running stride. It’s weight bearing, but you’re not pounding the pavement every time. So it’s really much easier on the body, much easier on the joints.”

Although the ElliptiGo might be the new workout craze around the city, we remind everyone to be extremely careful when traveling around NYC’s busy streets. Only use a new piece of equipment, such as the ElliptiGo in high traffic areas if you are comfortable with its design.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bicycle or pedestrian related accident, contact Jacoby & Meyers for help.

Read the article from My Fox NY.