Defective autos kill thousands of people every year. To be crashworthy, a vehicle design must protect its occupants during a collision, crash, or a SUV rollover accident. While technology exists to help manufacturers build safer vehicles, the auto industry often prioritizes economics over vehicle occupant safety to omit or shortcut on safety features including:

• Airbags
• Seatbelts
• Roofs
• Side impact protection
• Rollover protection
• Door locks and latches
• Fuel systems

When a vehicle manufacturer, designer, or distributor fails in their duty to provide safe equipment when used as intended, they are considered negligent under the law. Proving negligence takes an investment of time, experience, and resources– advantages only a qualified defective automobile attorney can provide. Jacoby & Meyers has helped many clients receive the compensation they deserve after being injured due to defective cars. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to a defective vehicle, please contact us today.