Liver Cancer Lawyer

While any type of cancer should be treated seriously, liver cancer is an especially complicated type of cancer as this particular type of cancer often spreads to other parts of the body.

According to Cancer.Org, in 2016:

  • About 39,230 new cases will be diagnosed
  • About 27,170 people will die of these cancers

Liver Cancer

Key facts:

Liver Cancer is more prevalent in men than women. In fact, in 2016 an estimated 28,410 men will be diagnosed with liver cancer, compared to only 10,820 women. In the last few decades the incidence of liver cancer has more than tripled.


Like other cancers, liver cancer patients often received a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis because patients don’t become symptomatic until the cancer has reached an advanced stage.

Liver cancer symptoms are sometimes diagnosed as more common conditions, like influenza, indigestion, or other types of cancer, like pancreatic cancer.

Misdiagnosis of liver can result in additional medical conditions, including other cancers and death.

A proper diagnosis of liver cancer can be life saving. Click here to learn more about medical malpractice and cancer misdiagnosis.