Drunk Driving and Drugged Driving Victims Attorney

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that roughly 30 people die every day due to an alcohol-impaired driver, this equates to more than one fatality every hour of the day.

Aside from alcohol, drugged drivers are also threatening the safety of motorists and pedestrians on a daily basis.

    • According to the CDC 33% of fatal crashes involve a drowsy driver. Drowsiness is a common side effect of many prescription drugs and over the counter medications
    • A 2013 Report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed 14% of fatal crashes involved a driver under the influence of marijuana.

Of those injured in alcohol related crashes there are three defined “at risk” groups, which include: young people, motorcyclists, and drivers who have prior DWI convictions.

Identifying drugged induced or drug related crashes can be complex due to legal and technological limitations, thus defining an “at risk” group is much more difficult.

Whether you’re involved in a drunk driving crash or a drugged driving crash it is critical to contact an experienced attorney. The Jacoby & Meyer’s car accident attorneys have years of experience assisting drunk driving victims who have collected damages for their injuries.

While laws regarding many street narcotics, like heroin and cocaine are established; other drug laws and protocols, like marijuana and prescription drugs are constantly being established and refined. Our team of legal professionals stays versed on trending topics and current laws. Understanding these laws is crucial in recovering compensation following an injury.