Seat belts were created to minimize injuries in accidents, but one that malfunctions or has design flaws can cause catastrophic injuries or death even in an accident that otherwise would have caused little or no injury. Common seat belt malfunctions include unintentional unlatching and retractor failure. Retractor failure allows slack to be created in the belt; even a few inches of slack in a seat belt allows your body to gain momentum before being snapped back by the belt.

Design defects make many seat belts dangerous for children and small adults; the shoulder strap can sit too high, causing impact to the neck to result in spinal cord injuries. Automatic belts can cause injuries when the lap belt is not worn because all of the force goes to the head and neck.

Door mounted belts can cause ejection if the door comes open during an auto accident. Injuries caused by defective seat belts are entirely preventable. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident caused by a defective seat belt, please contact us today.