Featured UHHM Board of Director Rocky Bucano and Jacoby & Meyers Marketing Assistant Brittney Simon

We are the official museum of hip-hop. Founded by hip-hop pioneers, and chartered by the New York State Department of Education, we’re here to showcase, preserve, and protect Hip Hop Culture. Check us out in the Bronx, or on your device, and learn about hip-hop’s storied past and vibrant future.

The Evolution

“The global evolution of hip hop was first fueled by a thirst for peace, unity and fun-spirited rap battles and break dance competitions in parks, recreation centers, local clubs. As the culture spread beyond the borders of the South Bronx into lower Manhattan’s night club scene, it began to develop stronger messages which shed light on social issues of rebellion, racism, urban strife, social injustice and economic inequality of urban communities.”

The fashion, poetry, stories, images, music, innovative dance styles and street art was now popular in suburbs and rural communities across the country. The pop appeal of hip hop quickly spread nationwide. The UHHM’S immersive experience will recapture the culture’s glorious past and allow the world to step into hip hop’s future.

The virtual museum works seamlessly on all media devices so that patrons can experience the galleries and exhibits at anytime and from anywhere.

The UHHM is where hip hop culture lives and thrives.