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In the Bronx, many people do not own cars. New York as a whole has a wide array of public transportation options, and many residents simply choose not to own a car, due in part to the heavy traffic throughout the Bronx and the burden that driving those roads can create. Sometimes, however, public transportation does not offer the convenience you need, especially if you have tickets to a major event, need to get to the airport, or have a tight timeline you need to maintain.

Enter Uber. Uber has become a popular transportation option for Bronx residents, and its popularity continues to grow. With this increased Uber traffic comes an increased risk of passengers sustaining injuries in a car accident that involves an Uber.

What should you do next if you end up involved in an Uber accident, and how can you protect yourself? Jacoby & Meyers, LLP can help. Contact our Bronx Uber accident attorneys today at (718) 294-0813 to learn more about your right to compensation after an Uber accident.

Jacoby & Meyers LLP: Experienced Bronx Uber Accident Lawyers

At Jacoby & Meyers LLP, we have extensive experience dealing with victims who must contend with the aftermath of serious accidents, including Uber accidents.

Take a look at the results we have obtained for past clients who have sustained injuries in auto accidents:

  • $2.5 million awarded to the victim of a tractor-trailer crash
  • $1,272,000 awarded to the victim of an auto accident
  • $740,000 awarded to the victim of a motor vehicle collision
  • $650,000 awarded after a driver ran a stop sign

Our experienced team of Uber accident attorneys can work with you as you pursue much-needed compensation for your injuries. Our team brings many advantages to the table. First, we will work with you to ensure that you fully understand the full compensation you deserve, no matter how hard the insurance company tries to limit the damages you can recover. Next, we will work to help collect evidence, negotiate for maximum compensation on your behalf, and even fight for you in court, if you must go to court to reach a fair resolution in your claim.

Ubers Can Cause Accidents, Too

Whether your household includes the approximately 40 percent of Bronx residents who own a car, or you haven’t yet found a reason to purchase one, Uber can offer a great way to get to your destination. Unfortunately, Uber’s drivers do not have an exemption that helps them avoid traffic accidents. In fact, due to the long hours Uber drivers may spend on the road as they try to increase their fares and their income, Uber does cut the app off after drivers have spent 12 hours out of 24 on the road, but that time may still mean an increased risk of road haze and distraction. Uber drivers may actually have a slightly increased risk of causing or getting involved in an accident.

Bronx Uber Accident Injuries: The Aftermath

Heavy traffic in the Bronx makes it difficult to maneuver through traffic. Uber drivers may try to rush more than other drivers, since they may have a tight deadline. Uber drivers may also rely more heavily on GPS devices, since they may not always know exactly where they need to go. In an Uber accident, you may sustain more serious injuries than you do in another type of auto accident, due in part to the fact that Uber drivers may make more dangerous decisions on the road as they work to get back for their next run as soon as possible.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Victims who suffer from traumatic brain injury in a Bronx Uber accident may discover that it impacts their ability to work, to remember how to process basic self-care tasks, and even to enjoy the leisure activities that once filled their days.

Not only can traumatic brain injury either temporarily or permanently erase your memory of the past, it also may lead to difficulties with short-term memory or make focus and concentration incredibly difficult. Victims who suffer from traumatic brain injury may also have a hard time regulating emotion, which may cause them to overreact or underreact to some situations.

Back and Neck Injuries

Many Uber accident victims report problems with whiplash, herniated discs, or strained muscles in the back and neck. Back and neck pain can pose enormous limitations on your daily activities. You may find yourself avoiding common activities that you would usually enjoy or even avoiding activities that could cause you to move sharply. You may miss out on time at work due to the inability to sit still at your desk or lift heavy items that made up a large portion of your daily responsibilities.

In severe cases, back and neck injuries may include spinal cord injuries, which may leave you paralyzed and impact organ function below the site of the injury.


Sometimes, the force of an auto accident can result in limb amputation—either immediate amputation at the scene of the accident or severe crushing damage that later results in limb amputation. Limb amputation can cause permanent limitations in the victim’s life.

While some victims choose to use prosthetics to help them maintain independence in the aftermath of their injuries, those individuals may find it incredibly difficult to adapt to those prosthetics. Furthermore, prosthetics do not fully replace the function of a biological limb, and since prosthetics require regular replacement, they may mean an ongoing expense in the victim’s life.

Broken Bones

Broken bones may limit your daily activities or prevent you from working, especially if you suffer multiple broken bones or suffer breaks that make it impossible for you to handle your usual job duties. For example, broken bones in the hand could make it very difficult for you to type, while a broken leg could make it very difficult for you to handle walking around a shop floor or working in a warehouse. If you suffer multiple broken bones in your Uber accident, you may also have a hard time engaging in basic self-care tasks or enjoying the activities that you usually love. Sometimes, broken bones can also mean ongoing pain and limitations later in your life.

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Recovering Compensation After a Bronx Uber Accident: What You Need to Know

After a Bronx Uber accident, contact Jacoby & Meyers LLP as soon as possible. Often, the liable party’s insurance company will try to get in touch with you soon after the accident and convince you to accept a fast settlement offer. That offer, however, may fail to reflect the true value of your claim. Before you file for compensation, you may want to make sure you understand your legal rights, including how much compensation you should expect to receive for your claim.

Who bears liability for a Bronx Uber accident?

To file a personal injury claim, you must first determine who bears liability for the accident. A police officer would usually designate liability for the accident to one of two parties: either the Uber driver or the other driver involved in the accident. Uber provides its drivers with comprehensive insurance plans that kick in when they have a passenger in the car or when they have headed out to pick up a passenger. They may have slightly reduced coverage while waiting with the app on, but before they go to pick up their passengers. If the other driver bears liability for the accident, you may need to file for compensation through that driver’s insurance company.

You may also uncover other entities that share liability for the accident. For example, if a mechanical problem with one of the vehicles caused the accident, you may find that liability rests with either a mechanic who recently worked on the vehicle or the manufacturer of the vehicle. These malfunctions include those that result from mechanical error, not malfunctions that occur because of a lack of maintenance on the part of the vehicle owner. Uber drivers must keep their cars well-maintained to continue to meet Uber’s standards.

Talk to an attorney to learn more about who might bear liability for your specific accident and what steps you need to take to file for compensation.

What compensation can you expect for a Bronx Uber accident?

After your Bronx Uber accident, you may need the compensation offered through a personal injury claim to help cover your medical expenses or to help you pay your regular bills while you cannot work due to your injuries. How much compensation should you really expect? It may depend on several factors, which we discuss in further detail below.

  1. Who caused the accident? If you need to file for compensation through the insurance company of another driver that caused the accident, rather than the Uber driver, you may ultimately recover less compensation. New York drivers who carry only minimum liability insurance may provide less protection after an accident than Uber offers its drivers.
  2. What injuries did you sustain in the accident, and how much did your medical bills cost? As you file for compensation after an Uber accident, your medical bills will serve as the foundation of that claim. Often, other losses, including your pain and suffering, will come back to your injuries and your medical costs. If you sustained serious injuries, your medical bills may grow much higher than if you sustained only minor injuries in the accident.

Make sure you keep track of all your medical bills as they come in after your Uber accident. Those bills may add up faster than you think, and you want to make sure that you calculate all of them when you put together your Uber accident claim.

Your medical expenses may include:

  • The cost of emergency medical care immediately after your accident
  • The cost of surgeries and procedures needed to treat your injuries
  • The cost of long-term care, either in the hospital or in your own home, if you cannot care for yourself after the accident
  • The cost of durable medical equipment that you need to get around or to maintain your independence after your accident
  • The cost of physical, occupational, and psychological therapy as you recover from your injuries

Talk to your attorney about the specific expenses you need to include as part of your Uber accident claim so you do not miss out on anything that could diminish your claim. You do not want to miss out on the compensation you deserve.

  1. Did you have to miss work after your accident? How much? Lost wages can pose almost as much of a challenge as your medical expenses after an accident. While some employers will work with you and try to get you back to work as soon after your accident as possible, others may have policies that prevent you from working while injured.

Your employer may try to bring you in part-time or ask you to work on a limited basis from home while you recover, or your employer might not have the ability to change your job responsibilities to reflect your current limitations. Your employer’s needs and policies may determine how much work you miss after your accident.

Meanwhile, you may not have a source of income during that time. You can include your lost wages, including lost paid time off and lost vacation time that you use to cover your absence, as part of your claim.

  1. What suffering did your injuries cause in your life? When you sustain severe injuries in an accident, it can cause immense suffering. You may find yourself struggling to get back to normal after your accident. Your favorite leisure activities may seem out of reach. Your hobbies and interests may also take a hit. You may struggle with your new limitations or have a hard time accepting that you cannot take care of yourself, especially in the early days after the accident. Talk to your attorney about how your Uber accident injuries have impacted other areas of your life and what you should do about it.

Bronx Uber Accident FAQs: How We Prove Liability for Your Accident Injuries

What are the common causes of Bronx Uber accidents?

Uber drivers are independent contractors who set their own schedules. A driver may work multiple jobs or rely on their rideshare income as a primary source of financial support.

From long hours to a rush for more business, an Uber driver may take these chances behind the wheel:

  • Drowsy driving: A lack of sleep or undiagnosed sleep disorder can cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel
  • Distracted driving: Removing their eyes from the road, hands from the wheel, and/or mind from driving
  • Drunk driving: A rideshare driver may drive impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Aggressive driving: Engaging in road rage with another driver can result in a serious accident

To pursue legal action, your lawyer must prove the rideshare driver was negligent and is therefore liable for your harm

If you suffered severe injuries due to a distracted, drunk, or speeding Uber driver, contact us for a free case evaluation without delay.

What types of injuries deserve compensation?

Bronx Uber accident cases involve accident victims who suffered serious or catastrophic injuries due to negligence. Life-changing injuries that require a long recovery or that result in a permanent injury generally include:

Spinal cord injury. Damage to the spinal cord can result in a loss of movement and feeling. There are four types of spinal cord injuries:

  • Cervical
  • Thoracic
  • Lumbar
  • Sacral

A complete spinal cord injury is the loss of sensation at or below the point of injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury involves some ability to experience feeling and movement.

Accident victims who suffer a spinal cord injury in a Bronx Uber accident deserve justice. This type of devastating injury can impact your ability to play with your children or enjoy your favorite activities.

The financial impact on your life can reach millions as you invest in home modifications for a wheelchair or power chair and other needs. The costs associated with a spinal cord injury should not be your burden to bear. Let a Bronx Uber accident lawyer from Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, fight insurance companies for the compensation you both need and deserve.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI). A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a bump, blow, jolt, or penetrating head injury that disrupts normal brain function.

An Uber rider who suffers a TBI may face challenges with:

  • Cognitive skills: Such skills as problem-solving or memory
  • Mobility: Muscles weakness, poor balance, difficulty walking
  • Sensation: Weakened or loss of sense of smell, taste, vision, or hearing
  • Behavior: Emotional and behavioral changes of depression and displays of anger

If your loved one suffered a severe TBI in an Uber accident, they may require continuous care. A skilled nursing facility can provide the care your loved one needs—at a cost. A Bronx skilled nursing facility can average between $300 to $400 per day.

Your loved one deserves to receive the quality care necessary for their daily needs. Pursuing a Bronx Uber accident claim and a lawsuit can help you pay these and other costs if your case is successful. A Bronx Uber accident lawyer from our team can help you through this difficult time. While there is never a guarantee of compensation, your lawyer will fight for the best outcome possible.

These are only two examples of the types of catastrophic injuries possible in an Uber accident. Other types of serious injuries are broken bones, internal injuries, and severe whiplash. A ride home from a bar or across town to a meeting should not result in serious harm that impacts your life forever. If this happened to you or a loved one, contact Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, as soon as possible.

Who is liable for my damages?

Identifying liability makes a Bronx Uber accident case complicated. Under some circumstances, Uber carries liability insurance of $1 million for their drivers. If, when, and how this insurance applies to your damages depends upon several factors.

A rideshare driver must have automobile insurance that covers them in the event of an accident. Determining who is liable sometimes depends upon when the rideshare accident occurs.

These factors influence who is liable for your injuries:

  • The driver app is off.
  • The driver is available and waiting for a ride request.
  • The driver is en route to pick up riders or while transporting them.

The complexity of rideshare cases makes them stressful and confusing for accident victims. The injuries you suffered require your full attention, leaving you no time to manage the details of your case.

At Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to take on insurance companies. Insurance adjusters are reluctant to pay accident victims fair compensation. What they deem fair is most likely the least amount of compensation possible.

Protect your best interests and hire us to represent you. We will hold insurance companies accountable for the compensation you need, either in or out of court.

Why is accepting an initial settlement offer a bad idea?

An initial settlement offer made by an insurance adjuster can confuse you. The time immediately following a traumatic accident is no time to make important decisions alone.

The decision to accept a settlement offer can impact your life forever. Accepting their initial offer—before you secure a lawyer—closes your claim. You may not pursue additional funds later should your medical condition worsen.

This is a crucial detail that you may not understand when you accept the offer. There are no further opportunities for another claim or for filing a lawsuit. The decision you make regarding any possible compensation is vital and worthy of legal representation.

Will my case go to trial?

Your case may or may not go to trial. A Bronx Uber accident lawyer from our team will negotiate with the insurance company to settle out of court. Most Bronx Uber accident cases rarely go to trial.

Skillful negotiation may not produce the results we believe you deserve as our client. If necessary, we will proceed to trial and present your case before a judge and jury.

Our team prepares each case for court so that we stand prepared if the move is necessary. Many insurance companies do not want to face us in a courtroom and settle with us outside of court.

No matter what route your case takes, we will keep you informed and updated as it progresses.

Can I delay legal action for my damages?

No. The statute of limitations sets a specific deadline for pursuing a civil lawsuit. New York law allows three years to file a Bronx Uber accident claim. While thirty-six months may seem like a long time, it passes quickly when you suffer serious injuries.

If you fail to meet the deadline for filing your lawsuit, your opportunity for a lawsuit is lost forever. Your fight for compensation requires quick action. Our team can file your lawsuit within the required deadline. Meeting court deadlines is just one small way Jacoby & Meyers, LLP can help you.

We understand how overwhelmed accident victims feel. As lawyers, we provide legal services that are firm with insurance companies and caring for our clients.

Bronx Uber Accident lawyer

Bronx Uber Accident Lawyer, Andrew Finkelstein

Do not miss your opportunity for a civil lawsuit.

Your lawyer needs time to investigate the accident and to determine:

  • The driver is liable.
  • Uber is liable.
  • The driver and the rideshare company are liable.

One important detail about your accident can impact the outcome of your case. A thorough investigation is necessary for presenting the best case possible for compensation.

Is a wrongful death claim and lawsuit possible in Bronx Uber accident cases?

Yes, it is possible to pursue compensation for damages—if your loved one’s death was due to negligence. A wrongful death attorney can determine if your relationship with the decedent qualifies you for civil action.

Wrongful death cases serve as a way for families to seek justice on behalf of their loved ones. The loss of a spouse may affect a family financially, making compensation essential for household and other expenses.

Money can never replace your loved one; however, a successful wrongful death case can ease your financial stress.

Our team can fight for compensation to cover:

  • Medical expenses relating to your loved one’s final care
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Your loved one’s lost wages and potential future earnings
  • Loss of inheritance for surviving children

You must file your Bronx wrongful death lawsuit within two years from the date of your loved one’s death. The shocking news of your loved one’s Uber accident and your grief can cause the time to pass quickly. Do not miss the chance to pursue justice on behalf of your loved one. Contact us today for help with your wrongful death claim and lawsuit.

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