EpiPen Safety, Avoiding Potential Issues

Recently the FDA sent a scolding letter to EpiPen manufacturers, siting blatant flaws in their production process that could have negative and even fatal consequences for those who depend on the life-saving device.

Consumer Reports recently published an article aimed at protecting EpiPen users from suffering adverse effects.

Here a summarized version of the list:

1. Check to see if your EpiPen has been recalled. Use this link to review recalled EpiPens.

2. Carry more than one EpiPen. In some cases, the first dose will not be enough to cause symptoms to subside. Talk to your doctor about warning signs that indicate a second dose should be administered.

3. According to experts, the auto-injector should be replaced before the 12/18-month expiration date (stamped on each Epi-Pen).

4. Ensure you have the proper training.

5. Always seek medical help after using your EpiPen.

If you or a loved one suffered adverse effects due to a defective EpiPen contact us today.