City Officials & Pedestrians Dispute Cyclists Requests for New Bike Lanes

Commuting in the five boroughs can be difficult and down right dangerous. The debate over street layout and motorist/pedestrian/cyclist safety is a seemingly never-ending tug of war between residents, commuters, safety officials, and the State.

One debate in particular is going on its 6th year as an open issue. The concern focuses around whether or not bike lanes should be added to select Upper East Side streets, currently there are only bike lanes on East 90th and East 91st streets.

The suggested updates would include 6 new lanes running from Central Park to the easy river. Those in favor of adding new bike lines site major safety issues with the current street design. Last year alone 34 people died on the streets mention above (streets that do not have designated bike lanes.)

Four of those who died were cyclists who had been involved in motor vehicle collisions.

While there is clearly a need for changes some feel the new bike lanes could actually create a more dangerous situation for pedestrians. Some locals fear that the additional bike lanes would result in an increased number of pedestrian knockdowns.

In addition to safety issues DOT is also analyzing how implementing a new design will affect traffic patterns.

What do you think? Does creating a safer environment for cyclists in turn threaten pedestrian safety? Share your thoughts!

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