Bronx DJ Killed by No. 2 Subway After Jumping Onto Tracks for iPhone

22-year-old Francisco Diego Jr. died after being hit by the number 2 train when he jumped onto the tracks to retrieve his iPhone. Police say that the DJ, who went by the name “Tech Trackz”, was shocked and then hit by a No. 2 train at the Wakefield-241st St. station, just after 1am on Saturday, June 1.

Sources said Diego told a token booth clerk he had dropped his phone on the tracks. After the train entered the station he managed to get between two train cars and jumped onto the tracks. He was electrocuted when he touched the third rail. Diego fell onto the tracks, where the train hit him as it rumbled out of the station to be serviced. Paramedics rushed Diego to Jacobi Medical Center, but he could not be saved.

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Never attempt to retrieve an item from the tracks by yourself! Contact an MTA employee and they will alert the authorities.

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