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  • What We Learned from Week Two of National Safety Month

    Nobody likes being tired, but did you know fatigue can actually increase your risk of serious injury and even death? According the National Safety Council “Not getting enough sleep is risky.

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  • When an Employer Fails to Provide a Safe Working Environment, We’ll Hold Them Accountable

    $2,000,000 Settlement: A roofer is entitled to fall protection devices when they work on a construction site. When our client showed up at the sub-division being built on Staten Island, the general contractor did not provide any safety devices. As our client was laying shingles on the roof, the roof collapsed causing him to fall 25 feet to the ground. Read more here.

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  • Worker Tragically Died in Brooklyn Scaffolding Incident

    fall down injuries

    Details are still emerging about an incident that occurred Sunday, June 18th in Brooklyn New York. According to authorities a 58-year old construction worker was on a scaffold outside of an East Flatbush building. The scaffold apparently went vertical, causing the man to fall. He was transported to an area hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

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  • June is National Safety Month

    workplace fall safety

    The National Safety Council launched this year’s National Safety Month with a focus on fall down prevention. Each year more than 2 million people are treated for non-fatal fall down injuries in the US.

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  • Young People and Pedestrian Safety

    Pedestrian safety

    Did you know unintentional pedestrian injuries are the fifth leading cause of injury-related death in the United States for children ages 5 to 19? Pedestrian safety is an extremely pressing issue throughout the five boroughs and in northern New Jersey. lists the following ‘top tips’ to prevent pedestrian injury:

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  • When Companies Fail to Put Safety First, We’ll Hold Them Accountable

    Hit & Run Car Accident

    Jacoby & Meyers personal injury attorneys recently secured a $1,000,000 verdict for our client who suffered injuries after an Ambulette Company put an unqualified driver on the road. When the company chose to hire a driver who did not have the proper class of license to drive an ambulette in NYC, it was inevitable a crash would happen. Click here to read more.

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  • iPhone Feature Will Soon Block Drivers from Texting

    distracted driving

    Each year, over 330,000 accidents caused by texting while driving lead to severe injuries*. It’s a well-known fact, distracted driving kills, yet data shows there are more drivers on the road who are distracted than drivers who are not. The distracted driving epidemic has reached epic proportions, and leaders of the tech industry have finally taken note.  

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  • Drivers, Slow Down, It Could Save a Life

    car accident

    It is a well-known fact speed is often a contributing factor in motor vehicle crashes, yet drivers still continue to ignore posted speed limits.

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  • Final Day of Motorcycle Safety Month

    Motor vehicle accident

    Today marks the final day of Motorcycle Safety Month. Regardless of how you get from point A to point B, on a motorcycle, in a vehicle, or on foot, keep these basic safety tips in mind to prevent injury:

    Do not allow yourself to become distracted. Changing the radio, adjusting your riding gear, and eating are all examples of distraction.

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  • Medical Negligence Results in Tragedy. Four Million Dollar Verdict Awarded

    claiming compensation

    Kings County, NY- Our client was 5 months pregnant with twins (through IVF) when she began to show signs of pre-term labor. Her medical team neglected to treat her symptoms, and the next day she went into pre-term labor. The twin babies tragically died. Had our client’s medical team implemented the proper treatment plan it is likely this situation could have been avoided.

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