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Westchester County Motor Vehicle Crash

  • Case

    Westchester County Motor Vehicle Crash
  • Settlement Collected

    $400,000 Jury Verdict
  • Attorneys

    Attorney Gustavo Alzugaray, Elizabeth Wolff

Our client, a 47 year old Yonkers resident, was traveling on Mclean Avenue in Westchester County when the defendant ran a red light causing this crash.  He received injuries to both shoulders and his left hand and thumb.  After many months of physical therapy and injections, his pain continues.  His injuries have affected his life in many ways.  He has difficulty sleeping, can’t carry or lift heavy items, and can no longer enjoy the activities he has in the past, such as camping with his family.

This case went to trial and received a jury award.


  •  Attorney Gustavo Alzugaray, Elizabeth Wolff
  • Case Manager: Judy Gentile
  • Paralegal: Carolyn Harvey
  • Adjustor: Jeffrey Stulmaker
  • Calendar Clerk: Maggie Bonaparte