Each year over 2 million people are injured in car accidents. Automobile defects often cause many of those accidents or make the injuries much worse than they should have been. Manufacturers who sell defective vehicles should be held responsible for the physical injuries and monetary damages they cause. For over 40 years, Jacoby and Meyers has provided legal representation to auto accident victims, fighting for – and winning – the compensation they are entitled to.

Manufacturing and Design Defect Lawsuits

Automobile manufacturers have a duty to design and manufacture a safe vehicle. As they research and test their new products, they are made aware of safety concerns in the design, as well as the reliability and durability of their manufacturing materials. Unfortunately, a company’s bottom line sometimes takes priority over the safety of the consumer, resulting in serious accidents and devastating injuries, such as traumatic brain,  spinal cordamputation and burns.

Defective automobile lawsuits are often based on:

  • A car’s roof not withstanding a rollover
  • A rear end collision causing an explosion
  • Air bags not deploying or deploying with dangerous materials exploding inside them
  • A seat belt failing to remain latched
  • A tire blowing unexpectedly
  • Door latch failures
  • A side not withstanding impact
  • A leaking fuel system
  • Defective breaks

Our experienced legal team works with scientific, medical and engineering experts to determine the cause of your accident. We have the time, experience, and resources it takes to prove negligence and win compensation for injuries, repairs, unusable automobiles, and alternative transportation costs.

No Legal Fees Unless There is a Successful Settlement or Verdict

We are committed to providing affordable legal representation to those in need. Our personal injury clients pay no attorneys fees until and unless we successfully settle your case or win a verdict in your favor.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of a defective automobile, contact our attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

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