Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyer

A spinal cord injury can be life-altering, affecting your ability to move, walk and breathe. Treatment options may include surgery, ongoing home care, rehabilitation, and costly equipment. The expense for this type of specialized care is often debilitating. While no amount of money can compensate you and your loved ones for the trauma you have experienced, a financial settlement or award can help pay for the high-quality care you deserve. The attorneys at Jacoby and Meyers have helped countless spinal cord injury victims and their families in the New York City area obtain the compensation they need to pay for ongoing medical treatments.

Helping Spinal Cord Injury Victims Recover 

Jacoby and Meyers is committed to helping you fight for the financial means you need for medical care. Often spinal cord injuries are the result of a devastating incident – motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, workplace accident, or a sports activity. Our experienced personal injury lawyers and team of accident investigators and medical, vocational and manufacturing experts work together to prove injury, liability, and damages. We have a successful track record for winning substantial settlements and awards for spinal cord injury victims that include:

Medical Care – past, present, and future
Home Care Giving
Out of Pocket Medical Expenses
Lost Wages / Diminished Earning Capacity
Pain and Suffering

The Devastating Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury involves damage to the spinal cord cells or nerves that carry messages to and from the brain. They are typically caused by a sudden blow to the spine that results in fractured or dislocated vertebrae. Some injuries sever the spinal cord completely, resulting in paralysis:

Paraparesis – partial paralysis of the lower extremities
Quadriparesis – partial paralysis of all four extremities
Paraplegia – complete paralysis of the lower extremities and typically the torso
Quadriplegia – complete paralysis of all four extremities

Severe spinal cord injuries also often create respiratory complications, requiring breathing aids and respiratory support. Other spinal cord injury consequences include permanent disability, loss of sensation or reflexes and inability to control the bowel and bladder.

We understand the suffering you and your loved ones are experiencing. We will fight to get you the compensation you need to recover and readjust to life. We are on your side.

No Legal Fees Unless There is a Successful Settlement or Verdict

Our firm is committed to providing affordable legal representation to those in need. Jacoby and Meyers personal injury clients pay no attorneys fees until and unless we successfully settle your case or win a verdict in your favor.

If you or a loved one have suffered a spinal cord injury, contact our attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.