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The attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers, LLP understand the difficult situation faced by people involved in Uber, Lyft or Car for Hire accidents. After a serious accident, many legal issues can arise. The Uber accident attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers, LLP will clearly explain every option to you and will work tirelessly to represent your case so that you can receive the highest compensation possible.

Uber / LYFT Car Accident Lawyers in NYC

Uber accidents are different!

When you are involved in an accident with a ridesharing vehicle, it is important to understand that getting compensation for your injuries is a different process than a motor vehicle accident involving individuals. Uber in particular is a good example. The Uber drivers are not Uber employees, but rather they are independent contractors, and may be quick to deny injury claims because of this, even when they are at fault.

Further, Uber uses software applications that can take a driver’s attention off the road. Because of this, accidents may easily be the fault of the rideshare drivers. Nearly anyone can become an Uber driver, as long as they have personal auto insurance, a license, and meet a few other requirements. Many of these drivers do not have any training or experience with transporting clients, making it dangerous for them to be on the road with passengers all day long. With the increased chance for accidents, it is crucial that these companies take extra precautions to insure their drivers.

Liability for Uber Accidents

Companies that are in the business of transporting passengers, like Uber and Lyft, have a duty to exercise the greatest degree of care in transporting their passengers. This means they must take precautionary measures to protect the safety of their passengers to the greatest reasonable degree. They must maintain their vehicles in realistically safe condition, and ensure that the drivers have the proper skill and training to operate the vehicles. Unfortunately, in many instances Uber cars are involved in accidents due to negligence. Many times the victims of such accidents are told that the other party is not taking complete responsibility. That’s why our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers have made it our mission to protect the rights of victims of these types of accidents, and to obtain the maximum amount of recovery for each of them. Our uber accident attorneys will fully study your case and take action to sue Uber and any other responsible parties, if necessary.

How can we help you?

If you have been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, we can help to recover your damages. So long as the victims injuries meet New York State’s threshold for filing a suit, victims of accidents can typically recover the following types of damages:

  • Medical Bills
  • Treatment Care Costs
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Emotional Distress
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of future earning capacity in case of a disability
  • Property damage

No Fee Unless We Win a Settlement or Verdict

Jacoby & Meyers is the Tri-State area’s leading full-service law firm. We’ll evaluate your case or legal matter for free and ensure you receive high quality legal assistance.
Our firm is committed to providing affordable legal representation to those in need. At Jacoby and Meyers, LLP, Uber/Luft Car Accident clients pay no attorneys fees unless we successfully settle your case or win a verdict in your favor. In some cases clients may be responsible for disbursements, which are funds paid by the firm on your behalf to advance your case. This includes court filing fees. These expenses will be reviewed and explained to you by your dedicated case manager.
File an Uber or Lyft Lawsuit in NYC

If you’ve been hurt in a ridesharing accident, you’ll need the guidance and support of an experienced attorney. Our New York and New Jersey Uber car accident attorneys ensure that you receive fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other related damages.


If you or a loved one have suffered in an Uber Car Accident, contact our Uber Accident Lawyers in New York or New Jersey now for a free case consultation.




Client Review July 2016

“I was a passenger in a taxi cab that lost control and was hit by another taxi in Williamsburg, NYC. Since I was a passenger in the car accident I thought I had an open and shut case but I was wrong. The insurance companies refused to treat me fairly and low balled the offer. I am so glad I called Jacoby & Meyers right away because they helped me out with everything. They had to start a lawsuit in Brooklyn. The insurance companies refused to settle so we had a trial and my trial lawyer Sharon Scanlan was great. The dedication that she put into my case was outstanding. I was so prepared and she really helped me tell my story the best way possible. My case manager Judy Gentile was great as well. She kept me up to date on what was happening with my case, it made things so convenient for me. Eventually, after about a week of trial the insurance company almost tripled their offer and we settled for a fair amount. I was very satisfied with the outcome.

I definitely recommend the injury lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers for anyone in a car crash in New York City.”

Client Review (#2): 5/5
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“They communicated with me professionally and humanely. Throughout the process of the case, everyday wasn’t chummy but It was a long hard fought case. Their effort and countless number of hours they dedicated to my case will always be greatly appreciated.”
Review by: Ian W.