While each type of cancer and each patient is different, cancers that are detected early are often the most treatable. Failure to detect lung cancer early can be challenging, especially in situations where healthcare providers fail to thoroughly evaluate conditions that appear harmless.

There are various conditions, like pneumonia, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that cause symptoms very similar to lung cancer symptoms. Because of this lung cancer is sometimes misdiagnosed.

Another leading cause of lung cancer misdiagnosis is failure to accurately interpret a chest x-ray.

Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis

Of all medical malpractice lawsuits the number of cases pertaining to lung cancer diagnosis ranks high compared to other types of medical malpractice suits. When a medical professional fails to accurately diagnosis lung cancer the patient’s prognosis may be severely compromised.

Complications stemming from lung cancer can include: respiratory issues, paraneoplastic syndromes (a set of signs or symptoms caused by the cancer), and other cancers.