Legal Separation Lawyer

Legal separation is the term used for a court-ordered separation, and can be chosen for varying reasons. It can be a preparatory, voluntary step towards divorce, taken while the couple tests the waters of separation. Other times, a court can order legal separation while the couple works out issues like child custody and support, distribution of property etc. Other reasons for legal separation include:

• Insurance: one spouse may have insurance and both may want it to continue covering the other spouse
• Pensions and social security: some couples want to delay their divorce but live separately until they are eligible for those retirement funds
• Religion: some couples object to divorce on religious grounds
• Waiting period: the couple wants to live separately while they go through their court-required waiting period for the final decree

In every separation, there are twists and turns that will likely require good legal assistance for navigation. Please contact our family law attorneys today to schedule your consultation.