Forklift Accidents Lawyer

Forklifts are commonly used industrial trucks that have the potential to severely injure its operator and anyone the general vicinity of these powerful machines.

Recent studies conducted by OSHA show forklift injuries are frequently caused by:

  • Head on collisions
  • Overturned Forklifts
  • Falling objects
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Untrained operators
  • Operator mishap
Forklift Accidents

The incidents all come with serious implications:

    • Amputations
    • Crushed limbs
    • Head Trauma
    • Internal Trauma
    • Death


Because many of the injuries/incidents mentioned above happen in a blink of an eye and without warning its crucial those responsible for operating forklifts are properly trained. One mishap threatens the lives of not just the operator but other workers and innocent pedestrians.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction site forklift accident contact us today. Our experienced construction injury attorneys have years of experience assisting workers recover the compensation they deserve.

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