Fatal Car Crashes Lawyer

Assisting New York and New Jersey Families after the Death of a Loved One.

Jacoby & Meyers personal injury attorneys have been assisting victims of motor vehicle crashes to obtain the compensation they deserve since 1972. Sadly some wrecks are so serious that the victim does not survive the ordeal. In these instances we work tirelessly for the victim’s family to protect their interests and seek compensation.

While the emotional losses suffered are insurmountable, there are often pressing financial issues that accompany a fatal car crash:

  • Funeral Costs
  • Accident related medical costs
  • Loss of property or damaged property

The effects of losing a loved one in a fatal crash are often long lasting and extremely traumatic. An attorney will help seek compensation to offset the loss of:

  • Financial support
  • Future earning
  • Household services

You’ll have a team of dedicated professionals dedicated to providing you and your family with the compensation you deserve, while you concentrate on the healing process. When you’re ready to take the first step, we’ll be here.

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