Construction workers are accustomed to navigating potentially dangerous work zones. These hard working men and women are expected to exercise caution and care, and in return expect that their employers and coworkers have also taken every possible step to prevent injury.

Construction zones where workers are excavating or operating within a trench are especially dangerous; however most officials agree that being hurt or killed in an excavation incident/while in a trench is preventable.

The Dangers Are Clear:

  • Often times trenches give in with no warning
  • A single cubic yard of dirt can weigh an excess of 3,000 pounds
  • Workers in a trench that gives in are at immediate risk for being crushed, suffocated, or fatally buried

Preventing Injury and death is Possible:

  • According to NIOSH the lack of a protective system was the leading cause of death and injury
  • NIOSH, OSHA, and various safety organizations have imposed a list of general trenching and excavation rules. By following these rules the likelihood of workers or pedestrians being hurt or killed are greatly reduced.
Excavation and Trench Injuries