Custody / Visitation Lawyer

Child custody is divided into physical custody, where the child primarily resides; and legal custody, which involves decision-making regarding the health, education, and general welfare of the child. Any arrangement is possible by agreement; generally, a decision made by both parents would be better than a verdict imposed by a judge. The rights of the non-custodial parent to see their child is known as a visitation agreement. At Jacoby & Meyers, we will fight for this parent to be able to have as much parenting time as possible with their child. We can also help you with the following:

• Enforcement by a non-custodial parent of visitation
• Modification of the parenting plan by a non-custodial parent
• Adjustment of a visitation schedule by a parent with primary custody
• Grandparents seeking visitation rights with their grandchildren.

The real focus in any custody dispute should be the child. Please contact our child custody attorneys for experienced and compassionate representation.