Crane Accident Lawyer

A falling crane is extremely dangerous and more often than not causes devastation to the people and structures in its path. Areas with on going construction, like Manhattan, are all too familiar with how damaging a crane accident can be.

These serious crane incidents, amongst others, have victimized countless New Yorkers:

  • March, 2008: A crane collapsed in Midtown Manhattan, claiming the lives of 6 construction workers and one pedestrian.
  • May, 2008: A fatal crane crash occurred on East 91st and 1st Ave. Two construction workers lost their lives in the incident.
  • 2012: A crane collapsed, killing a worker at the 7-train extension site NYC.
  • 2013: A crane collapse in Long Island City left seven people injured.
  • Spring, 2015: A construction worker was killed when a crane crashed onto him, just a month later a crane crash on Madison Avenue caused multiple injuries.
  • February, 2016: A 565’ crane collapsed. A pedestrian was killed and two others were injured.
Crane Accident

Who is at risk for injury caused by a crane collapse?

Construction workers and pedestrians are could potentially sustain serious injuries and even fatal injuries when a crane mishap occurs.

How can crane accidents be prevented?

Equipment engineers, construction site personnel, and city and state inspectors play a crucial role in reducing the likelihood of crane incidents. Those who design and construct cranes do so with the knowledge that any sort of malfunction could cost any number of lives. Construction site personal must vehemently adhere to any and all guidelines provided by the city/state and the manufacturer regarding best safety practices. Finally, city and state officials must regularly inspect construction sites.

Who is responsible for damages caused by a construction site incident?

As mentioned above there are any number of contributing factors that could cause a crane incident. Those who are injured in a crane incident are likely eligible for compensation depending on the extent of their injuries and the events leading to the incident. Jacoby & Meyers personal injury attorneys are extremely familiar with the dangers New York City and New Jersey residents and workers face on a daily basis. Our team of compassionate legal professionals are standing by, fill out a free case evaluation form.

Crane Accident FAQ’s:

What are the Common causes of crane accidents?

Some of the most common causes of crane accidents include: Crane buckling or collapsing due to overweight, Improper crane assembly, Lack of proper operator training, Mechanical failures, Contact with overhead power lines.

More information about crane recent incidents: