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Personal Injury Lawsuit

How Long will Your Case Take?

We do not control the length of the process, but we will not attempt to settle your case until we know the full extent of your injuries. Once your doctors have the results from the necessary tests and have advised you of the full extent of your injuries, we will try to settle your case.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always offer a fair settlement. When they do not, we will start a lawsuit on your behalf. If we do start a lawsuit, the time it takes to reach conclusion will depend upon the judge assigned to your case. However, we will take advantage of every opportunity to settle your case fairly, quickly and without a trial.

How Much is Your Case Worth?

At the beginning of a personal injury claim there are too many unknown factors to answer this question, such as:

  • The result of investigations
  • Which insurance company is on the other side
  • The amount of the defendant’s insurance coverage
  • The full extent of your physical injuries
  • The full extent of your lost wages and medical expenses

When we think an offer is fair we will advise you. If we believe you are not likely to get more money by going forward in your lawsuit we will recommend that you settle.

Why Do You Need an Attorney?

Because you deserve a fair settlement, and many people do not receive the fair treatment they deserve after being injured. They trust insurance companies to treat them fairly, but insurance companies want to pay you no more than they have to for your claim. We are injury attorneys; that is all we do. We have successfully settled thousands of cases. We investigate the claim, know the law, follow the correct procedures and stand our ground when we have to get a fair settlement. That is why insurance companies settle over 97% of our cases.