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Divorce and the Effects on Children


It is not uncommon for married couples with children to avoid beginning the divorce process due to concern about their children’s wellbeing. While every family is different, studies show that staying together may actually have negative impacts on youngsters (depending on the dynamic between the couple).

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Surprising Facts about Divorce


Regardless of if you’re single, married, or something in between, you may be surprised to find the following:

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Elderly at Risk for Financial Exploitation

nursing home abuse and neglect

According to a recent study, one in 18 older Americans falls victim to financial fraud annually. So how are millions of older adults exploited each year? Scammers target the elderly using a number of tactics. They prey on emotions, pretending to be family members in need, they claim to be part of a legitimate organization, and the list goes on.

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Fast Food Workers' Rights Protected

workers rights

Last month New York passed legislation that guarantee’s fast food workers fair scheduling rights.

“Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a package of bills that the city estimates will cover some 65,000 fast food workers. A key component of the package is a requirement that fast food restaurants schedule their workers at least two weeks in advance or pay extra for shift changes.

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