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Elevator Accident

Elevator Worker Suffers Life Threatening Injuries

Fatal pedestrian knockdown

On Wednesday, July 5th an elevator worker was inside of a Manhattan building when a lift he was repairing fell on him. Earlier that very day four workers suffered minor injuries in an unrelated elevator incident.

“Four workers were temporarily trapped after their elevator got stuck 200 feet underground at a Brooklyn substation Wednesday morning and had to be lifted out by a pulley system one by one, the FDNY said.

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Can I Seek Damages After Being Injured in an Elevator Accident?


There are approximately 900,000 elevators in the U.S., and there are almost 30 people killed and over 10,000 people injured each year in elevator accidents. As with any machine, elevators can malfunction or be manufactured with defects. Unfortunately, there are no governmental agencies charged with responsible for inspecting elevators or recalling parts. The U.S.

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