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How to Preserve Evidence for a Personal Injury Claim in New York

car accident evidence

In filing a personal injury claim it is important to provide ample evidence that the opposing party acted irresponsibly, resulting in your injury. In order to do so, it is imperative that all possible evidence is collected and preserved to strengthen your case.

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Understanding a Personal Injury Claim

personal injury law

Personal injury claims cover a very wide variety of situations, all having to do with serious injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence. Many personal injury cases arise from car accidents, in which one or more parties are injured or even killed due to someone else’s carelessness.

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Types of Workers' Compensation Claims

worker injured at a construction site

Work related accidents have become increasingly more common over the years for a variety of reasons. These accidents are especially common in industries involving construction sites. While these injuries can be severe and traumatizing, companies have workers' compensation insurance in place to help you through your hard time.

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MTA Bans Hoverboards from Buses, Trains, and Stations

New Jersey Transit

The MTA recently announced the ban of hoverboards on trains, buses, and at stations in the New York City area. The motorized device has become a popular, and controversial, method of transportation over the past year. 

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