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Subway Accidents in the Bronx, NY

Subway Accident

Anyone who had ridden the subway in New York can tell you that it’s the quickest way of getting around New York, but there are a multitude of things that can make your subway experience less than fun. Accidents that involve subways, buses, trains and other forms of mass transit operated by the MTA can be very complex so getting the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney is imperative.

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Injuries at Skating Rinks in the Bronx, NY


Ice skating is an enjoyable outdoor or indoor activity for individuals and families. It is also an activity that can cause serious injuries. Personal injury attorneys handle cases like this every day and they know that determining liability can be complicated.

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Fatal Workplace Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Work accident

The spouses and families of workers that are killed in workplace accidents have automatic coverage, or indemnity benefits, through Workers’ Compensation. A fatality is considered work-related if it is due to a specific injury or occupational disease or condition.

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Safety Tips for Winter Driving in the Bronx, NY

winter driving

The most important tip to anyone driving anywhere at any time is to stay focused 100% of the time and not allow your attention to wander for any reason. However, in inclement weather conditions such as ice, snow, freezing rain, hail, etc., there are other things you can do to avoid becoming an injury victim, or a fatality, in a car accident.

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