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Pedestrians Hit by Vehicles

Multiple Vehicle Pile Up on Broadway Seriously Injures 4

Hit and Run Victims

On May 9th first responders rushed to the aide of multiple injured pedestrians on Broadway and West 62nd. 

According to officials a cab was rear ended at approximately 4:40 pm by a speeding vehicle. The force of the impact forced the cab to strike a halal cart, which crashed into a Con Edison van. 

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New Jersey, Two Boys Walking to School Injured in Hit and Run

NYS Bike Laws

On May 2nd two boys, brothers ages 5 and 8, were transported to an area hospital after being struck by an oncoming vehicle.

According to officials the two young boys were in a crosswalk when they were struck. The driver fled the scene but was later apprehended. 

Authorities are still investigating the incident. 

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Drivers, Are You Unknowingly Causing Hazards for Cyclists?

city cyclist

A member of the NYC Gothamist team recently began publishing videos of what a city cyclist’s commute looks like. The footage is edited to include notes pointing out the various obstacles cyclists encounter. Below are two common causes of cyclist injuries that drivers can easily prevent: 

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Do you know what to do if you witness a pedestrian knockdown?

pedestrian knockdown

New Yorkers understand better than most the day to day risks pedestrians face. There seems to be a revolving flow of newspaper headlines informing us of another tragic knockdown on New York City streets. 

Knowing our streets are often dangerous, and being ready to act if you witness a knockdown, are two very different things.

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