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Pedestrians Hit by Vehicles

Help a New Jersey Family Find Responsible Party in Fatal Hit and Run

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On November 7th a 58 year old West Milford woman was walking her dog in West Milford’s Mount Laurel Park when she was struck by what has been described as a a pick up truck.

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Did You Know This is the Deadliest Time of Year for Pedestrians?

Pedestrian Fatalities

Data from previous years shows a consistent spike in the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths on NYC streets around the time Daylight Savings Time ends. 

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SUV Fleas Scene after Critically Injuring Woman in Knockdown

Drunk driver crashes

First responders rushed to the aide of a 60 year old woman who was struck by a vehicle just after 10:30am on October 30th. The incident occurred on East 38th at the Queens Midtown Tunnel Entrance Street. 

The driver who struck and dragged the woman for a block, fled the scene. The NYPD is still investigating the incident.

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Pedestrian Stuck by Cabbie in Brooklyn Crosswalk

rear end collision

On Saturday, May 21st a couple was attempting to cross 7th St. and 3rd Ave in Brooklyn when they were struck by a taxi. The taxi driver fled the scene.

The couple was transported to an area hospital and both are reportedly in stable condition. 

Authorities are still searching for the driver of the cab. The cab is green in color and likely has front end damage. 

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