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Pedestrians Hit by Vehicles

NYC Bikers and Pedestrians Fed Up, Here’s How You Can Step Up

cycling crash

The majority of New Yorkers who bike or walk regularly would admit to feeling unsafe from time to time on city streets. Many feel unsafe every day, but feel powerless and unable to avoid their dangerous daily commute.

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Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise, Why Walking has Become so Dangerous

pedestrian new york city

The Governors Highway Safety Association recently released a report that shows the number of pedestrians killed in traffic last year climbed 11% from the previous year. According to the NPR, that’s the biggest single-year increase in pedestrian fatalities ever, and the highest number in more than two decades.

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If You Have a Cell Phone, You’re at Risk. Pedestrian Fatalities are on the Rise

pedestrian playing on the phone

The National Safety Council reports pedestrian fatalities are on the rise, in fact the number of pedestrian fatalities in 2016 was highest since 1990. Pedestrians in New York City are especially vulnerable to injury due to a high volume of road and foot traffic.

The National Safety Council suggests the following:

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Walkability Scored, Why We Earned an ‘F’

pedestrian knockdown

Walking is a popular means of exercise across the country, but for New Yorkers, walking is unavoidable. According to data from the United States Census Bureau more than 10% of New York City workers walk to work and more than 50% walk to some form of public transportation. For many of us who walk New York City streets and see the risks firsthand it’s not a surprise to learn the U.S.

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