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Pedestrians Hit by Vehicles

Addressing the Pedestrian Crash Crisis

Pedestrian injuries

According to, there has been a 50% increase in pedestrian crashes since 2009. After two decades without a serious examination of pedestrian deaths by the National Transportation Safety Board, the organization recently completed an investigation and published initial recommendations:

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Putting an End to Aggressive Driving

aggressive driving

Are you certain you’re not an aggressive driver?  Have you had any of the following experiences behind the wheel?:

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New York State Cycling Myths

cycling crash

Cycling is an extremely popular means of transportation in New York City- but it can also be dangerous. In recent years the number of cyclists injured and killed in New York city has risen significantly. While cyclists can’t control the actions of motor vehicle drivers, it is important for all cyclists to know and understand NYS bicycle laws. Below are common misconceptions and myths that put cyclists at risk for serious injury:

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Tips to Increase Your Child’s Pedestrian Safety

pedestrian injuries

Many of us have raised our little ones in the Five Boroughs, and assume they are pro’s when it comes to navigating city streets. But the fact is the number of children injured and killed on New York Streets is growing at an alarming rate:

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