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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Car Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries

brain injury car crash

Of all injuries that could be sustained in a car crash, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are among the most common and the most dangerous. This is partly due to the fact symptoms may take weeks and even months to appear, meaning TBI victims may not receive the medical attention their injuries require. 

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Do You Know How to Recognize a Possible Concussion?

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Concussions are often difficult injuries to diagnose, unlike a broken bone and other serious bodily injuries, in many cases there isn’t blatant physical evidence. That is precisely why it is so crucial for individuals to be aware of the causes, symptoms, and lasting effects of concussions.

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Brain Injuries

Brain Injury

Any injury to the brain can be serious as the damage may cause temporary or permanent difficulties and may possibly lead to death.

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Officials Report Brain Injury Victim at Bronx Hospital Suffered Sexual Abuse

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On Friday, September 1st a registered nurse at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital reportedly walked into a female patient’s room and discovered she was being raped by an acquaintance. The patient, a 32-year-old woman suffering from a brain injury, was rendered incapable of consenting to sex. Her attacker was arrested and charged with rape in the second degree.

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