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Uber Safety Upgrade, Driver Behavior Tracked

Distracted Driving Crashes

Uber is in the midst of testing a new feature, designed to record when certain driver behaviors, including speeding, cutting corners, and braking abruptly.

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Background Checks for Uber and Lyft Drivers

nursing home abuse and neglect

The New Jersey Transportation Committee has proposed a bill that would establish state wide standards for all Uber/Lyft drivers. 

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Uber Updates Aimed To Appease Drivers Could Make For a Safer Ride


On June 6th Uber rolled out a number of improvements to address driver demands. At first glance the updates may not appear to have the potential to effect passenger or street safety, but the new features may very well effect us all more than one would assume.

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Ubering With Children

Ubering with children

Uber is a livery service that has transformed the way commuters travel the city. Instead of hailing a cab the traditional way, you can now hail a cab using your smart phone. Uber provides detailed information regarding your driver, the vehicle you’ll be transported in, and approximated costs.

This convenient new way of getting around has become extremely popular, even with parents and families. 

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