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City Safety Hacks Campaign

Do you Live in a High Rise? You Should be Aware of These Safety Risks

dangerous apartments

According to statistics, as of April 2016 NYC had more than 6486 completed high-rise buildings lining city streets. For the many New Yorkers that call these buildings home, being aware of the risks of high-rise living may help to prevent injury and even death. 

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The Dangers of Distraction: Part Three

bicycle safety ny

DISTRACTED BIKING: Regardless of how experienced you are, how well you know the roads you’re on, or how quickly you can send a text, there is no safe way to text while riding your bike

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The Dangers of Distraction: Part Two

distracted driving

DISTRACTED DRIVING: It’s a fact: By using your phone while driving you TRIPLE your chances of being involved in an automobile collision.

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Jacoby & Meyers Presents: City Safety Hacks

Jacoby & Meyers Presents: City Safety Hacks

As personal injury attorneys and as concerned neighbors we understand all too well the daily safety risks New Yorkers encounter. In an attempt to provide information that may prevent injury we have created “City Safety Hacks,” a campaign that provides safety tips designed specifically for you.

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