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Car Accident

Staying Safe in Crashes with Little Visible Property Damage

car crash

It is not uncommon for an individual involved in a car crash to initially misjudge the severity of the situation.  Your first priority, should you be involved in a crash, is to avoid additional damage to your person or to your property.  

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The Most Dangerous Time to Drive

The most dangerous times to drive

The sad (and scary) truth is each time you get in or behind the wheel of an automobile there is a chance you’ll be involved in a car crash. There are basic things all drivers should do avoid crashes, like abiding by traffic laws, driving distracted free, and ensuring your vehicle is up to code. Aside from the items listed above, you may also want to avoid these potential danger zones:

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What to do After Being Injured in a Car Accident

car crash

A serious car crash can change your entire life in an instant. Because getting back on your feet physically, financially, and emotionally is often tremendously challenging, most attorneys will tell you that the sooner you initiate a personal injury claim for a car accident, the better.

Why you should take the first step sooner rather than later.

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Internal Bleeding in Car Accidents

Car accident

It is important to never underestimate the potential seriousness of any car accident. While it may seem to you that your injuries are minor, trauma can cause internal bleeding which in turn poses potentially fatal health risks.

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