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Safety Tips for Winter Driving in the Bronx, NY

The most important tip to anyone driving anywhere at any time is to stay focused 100% of the time and not allow your attention to wander for any reason. However, in inclement weather conditions such as ice, snow, freezing rain, hail, etc., there are other things you can do to avoid becoming an injury victim, or a fatality, in a car accident.

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Taxicab Accidents in the Bronx, NY

Taxi accident

The taxi has become the iconic method of transportation for New York. An aerial view of New York appears to be a sea of yellow due to the thousands of taxis on the streets. With so many taxis, accidents are not an uncommon occurrence. Most times they are minor, but some accidents result in serious injuries and fatalities.

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Nursing Home Sexual Abuse in New York City

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Realizing that your loved one may have been abused sexually in their nursing home facility in New York City can be devastating. Unfortunately, this type of abuse occurs with alarming frequency in nursing homes throughout the US.

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Bicycles vs. Uber in New Jersey

Bicycle accident

Riding a bicycle on a beautiful day in New Jersey and enjoying the physical activity as well as the environment all around you can be fun and exhilarating. However, when accidents occur, the fun immediately stops and what happens next can be life-changing. As in any accident anywhere, the first thing to do is to call 911 and get medical assistance.

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