Sister Firm Secures Cyber Bullying $4 Million Verdict

Jacoby & Meyers attorney, Michael Feldman, recently worked with sister firm Finkelstein & Partners, LLP to obtain a $4 Million dollar verdict on behalf of a Rockland County woman who was subject to vicious cyberbullying by a local blogger.

 Attorney Michael S. Feldman, who represented Trussell-Slutsky told the jury in his opening statement that once the vile statements intended to defame Trussell-Slutsky were published on the internet his client was exposed to humiliation, anguish, and suffering.

“This case is about the defendant’s reckless disregard for the truth and lack of concern about harming innocent people by publishing false accusations,” said Feldman, Finkelstein & Partners. “The defendants’ motivation was of the worst kind because she tried to profit by intentionally harming Meredith’s good reputation.”

Feldman went on to say that journalists and publishers must be held accountable for their actions. – The Dailey Voice DAILY

Both Jacoby & Meyers and sister firm Finkelstein & Partners are passionate about holding bullies (and the institutions that fail to prevent bullying) accountable for their actions. Below you’ll find basic information regarding bulling.

  • Bullying is any type of abusive behavior, including physical (harming a person or their property), social (spreading rumors, international public embarrassment or exclusion), and verbal (taunting, threatening).
  • Warning signs an individual is experiencing bullying include: unexplainable injuries, underperforming academically or professionally, frequent headaches, stomach aches (or faking illnesses), and self-destructive behaviors.
  • Effects of bullying often include depression and anxiety, health issues, and decreased academic/professional achievement. warns: If you know someone in serious distress or danger, don’t ignore the problem. Get help right away. If you or a loved one have been the victim of bullying contact us today.