Staying Safe in Crashes with Little Visible Property Damage

It is not uncommon for an individual involved in a car crash to initially misjudge the severity of the situation.  Your first priority, should you be involved in a crash, is to avoid additional damage to your person or to your property.

“In a matter of seconds, a seemingly routine fender bender can turn into tragedy. Law enforcement officials say taking a few preventive measures after a minor crash can help prevent a bad situation from becoming far worse because even if you’re uninjured in a crash, you’re not free from danger in the moments that follow.” –Tom Musick’s ‘Staying safe after a fender bender.’

Here are a few tips to keep in mind following a crash:

• If your vehicle is disabled turn on your hazard lights

• If you’re able to move your vehicle to the shoulder you should do so

• If there is a clear path exit the vehicle and stand on a safe place away from the road (keep in mind in some conditions, like extreme cold, it may be safer to stay in your car).

STAY CALM! Your safety is more important than any vehicle damage, so try your best to think clearly and logically.

Once you are positioned safely, call 911 to report the crash. If you are able to take photos of your vehicle you should do so. You’ll also want to collect the other driver’s information (name, address, phone number, insurance company policy # and contact information, the license plate of the other car). If there are witnesses in the area be sure to collect their contact information as well.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort be sure to seek medical attention right away. Some serious conditions, like brain injuries or soft tissue tears may not be apparent right away but may worsen over time.

If your doctor determines you’ve sustained a serious injury, our team of injury attorneys may be able to help you seek compensation. For more than 45 years Jacoby & Meyers injury attorneys have provided accident victims with guidance during what can be a very difficult time. As personal injury attorneys we hold reckless drivers accountable and strive to prevent future crashes and injuries. Learn more.