The Most Dangerous Time to Drive

The sad (and scary) truth is each time you get in or behind the wheel of an automobile there is a chance you’ll be involved in a car crash. There are basic things all drivers should do avoid crashes, like abiding by traffic laws, driving distracted free, and ensuring your vehicle is up to code. Aside from the items listed above, you may also want to avoid these potential danger zones:

Studies have shown that the most dangerous time of day to drive in New York City is during rush hour.

Rush hour occurs between 3:00 and 6:00pm. This is the period of time when there are the most cars on the road and people are in a rush to get home from work. This could also be the period of time in which people are driving home with a few drinks in their system. These factors make roadways, especially those in New York City, more susceptible to accidents.

Data shows people on the roads in the late afternoon are often mentally distracted. They may be in a rush to pick up their children from school or other activities, or they may be trying to recover from a hectic day at work. Drivers who are focused on other things are more likely to cause accidents. Drivers should consider carpooling or using public transportation to avoid driving distracted on high-stress days.

While rush hour may be the most dangerous time of day to drive, Saturday’s are known as the most dangerous day of the week to be behind the wheel, especially in New York City.

Much like rush hour, the roads are more likely to be overcrowded on Saturday’s when people are out and about enjoying their weekends. In addition, Saturday’s often host a greater number of young people on the road. Inexperienced drivers are more likely to drive at fast speeds, drink and drive, or text while driving.

We’ve narrowed down the most dangerous time and day to drive, but what about the most dangerous month? The NHTSA classifies August as the most dangerous month to drive.

More drivers are out on the roads for longer periods of time. The nice weather typical of August usually results in more family vacations and therefore more time on the roads, as well as drivers who have consumed alcohol.

Other elements that contribute to dangerous driving conditions are: holiday weekends, change in seasons, unpredictable weather, and certain driver behaviors (such as distracted, aggressive, impaired, and/or drowsy driving). If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence of another driver, call us today for a free car crash case evaluation.