NYC Bikers and Pedestrians Fed Up, Here’s How You Can Step Up

The majority of New Yorkers who bike or walk regularly would admit to feeling unsafe from time to time on city streets. Many feel unsafe every day, but feel powerless and unable to avoid their dangerous daily commute.

As a personal injury law firm, we serve as a resource for those who have been injured in pedestrian knockdowns and cycling crashes. But what if you haven’t been hurt, yet are fearful you will be due to dangerous conditions throughout the city? There are organizations working to prevent injuries, like the Transportation Alternative, that you may want to check out.

Transportation Alternatives’ mission is to reclaim New York City’s streets from the automobile and advocate for better bicycling, walking, and public transit for all New Yorkers.

With 100,000 active supporters and a committee of activists working locally in every borough,    TransAlt fights for the installation of infrastructure improvements that reduce speeding and traffic crashes, save lives and improve everyday transportation for all New Yorkers.  –Transportation Alternative

The organization’s website contains links which allow you to request improvements on your street and in your community (such as reduced speed limits, protected bike lanes, infrastructure updates to help senior pedestrian visibility, speed bumps, speed cameras, and so on). While there’s no guarantee the requests will be carried out, voicing your concerns is an important first step in affecting change.

Every day our attorneys work with individuals whose lives have been changed forever in preventable incidents. We work hard to get our clients the compensation they deserve, but the majority of our clients would tell all the money in the world wouldn’t make up for the lasting physical and emotional effects of a crash. We hope that you’ll never need our services, and urge you to support groups like the Transportation Alternative, whose important work keeps us all a bit safer.