Nursing Home Sexual Abuse in New York City

Realizing that your loved one may have been abused sexually in their nursing home facility in New York City can be devastating. Unfortunately, this type of abuse occurs with alarming frequency in nursing homes throughout the US. This type of abuse happens when caregivers take advantage of compromised nursing home residents who cannot defend themselves, are not aware of what is happening to them and cannot report the abuse due to an inability to communicate or because they are afraid. Those residents who receive infrequent or no visits at all from the outside world and are socially isolated are extremely vulnerable.

In many cases, sexual abuse occurs when the abuser feels that he or she can inflict harm without any repercussions. Because women are traditionally seen as weaker and less able to protect themselves, women are six times more likely to be abused than men. Physically disabled residents may not be able to physically resist a stronger person and can become targets of abuse. Residents with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are also at a much greater risk because these residents may be confused and unsure. Consequently, an abuser may feel that no one will believe their complaints or take their distress seriously.

Some types of sexual abuse occurring in nursing home facilities are sexual assault and battery, unwanted touching, sexual photography, rape and forced nudity. When visiting your loved ones in their nursing home facility, you should look for the following signs if you believe abuse may be occurring:

  • Clothing that is torn or stained with blood
  • A sudden change in mood
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Depression and withdrawal
  • Increased difficulty when walking or sitting
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding, STDs or infections
  • Bruising in the genital area, thighs and breasts

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