Bicycles vs. Uber in New Jersey

Riding a bicycle on a beautiful day in New Jersey and enjoying the physical activity as well as the environment all around you can be fun and exhilarating. However, when accidents occur, the fun immediately stops and what happens next can be life-changing. As in any accident anywhere, the first thing to do is to call 911 and get medical assistance. You may think that you haven’t been seriously injured, but injuries from any accident can take weeks or months to show up. Get as much information from everyone involved and any witnesses to what occurred. If possible, write everything down as soon as possible so that your memory is not impacted by the passing of time.

Injuries in a car versus a bicycle accident can be catastrophic and sometimes fatal. Bicycle riders have no protection around them, so injuries can be far more serious than if the accident victim was in a more enclosed and protected vehicle. If the driver of the car works for Uber or Lyft, the rules for filing a lawsuit for injuries are somewhat different. Uber, for example, has a $1 million dollar insurance policy that comes into play if the driver, who is an independent contractor and not an employee, had a passenger in the car. If the Uber driver was waiting for a passenger or on their way to pick up a passenger, their own personal insurance policy comes into play. Uber’s contingent liability coverage will provide coverage if their personal insurance policy cannot cover the damages.

Uber has stated that “Safety is our top priority and it is our goal to make every ride safe, comfortable and reliable.” Their business model has been studied by lawmakers and they have faced a lot of controversy in the taxi industry. For example, an Uber driver ran over a 6-year-old child in San Francisco and was not found liable by the court because the driver of the Uber car was between fares. Therefore, Uber placed the total responsibility and liability for the accident on the driver. Because the law regarding ridesharing companies is different in each state and because the regulations relating to ridesharing companies have not been in effect long enough for every contingency to be provided for, the wisest thing to do after any accident involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle is to hire an attorney with experience to help you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

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