Nursing Home Abuse in Westchester County

Physical abuse in nursing home environments is defined as the use of force against a person that results in physical pain, injury or impairment. Besides physical assault such as pushing, shoving and hitting, it also includes the inappropriate use of restraints and drugs, as well as confinement. There were over 2,800 violations cited between 2007 and 2015 in the 48 nursing homes throughout Westchester County.

The reasons for this type of abuse are varied and depend upon the condition of the resident, the circumstances of their placement and the nursing home facility itself. Perpetrators of this kind of violence can be staff that feels overworked, underpaid and stressed.

Victims are usually vulnerable due to physical or mental conditions that preclude them from defending themselves or reporting the abuse to the authorities. Sexual abuse is also physical abuse and is defined as contact with a resident without the resident’s consent.

Emotional abuse is less obvious to the untrained eye, and occurs when staff speaks to or treats the resident in ways that cause emotional pain and distress such as:

  • Humiliation and ridiculing the resident
  • Terrorizing, threatening or menacing the resident
  • Blaming and scapegoating the resident
  • Ignoring and neglecting the resident
  • Intimidating the resident through physical force and yelling
  • Isolating the resident
  • Sudden changes in the resident’s will and power of attorney
  • Withdrawals from the resident’s accounts

In some cases, staff abuse residents by financially exploiting them for their own advantage. This might involve forging their signatures on documents, stealing cash, checks or household goods, misusing credit cards, fraudulently cashing personal checks and stealing a resident’s identity through misuse of their social security number.

Some nursing home residents become more dependent on the staff the longer they live in the nursing home facility. Their ability to think with clarity, see and hear clearly, and stand up to any type of bullying may decrease with time. This leaves room for the perpetrators of these crimes to take advantage of a resident’s frailty and declining health.

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