Do your Part to Keep the Seniors in Your life Safe This Winter

The winter months are an especially trying time for many seniors. You may be surprised to find that doing your part to keep seniors safer, healthier and happier is quite easy.

Make sure your sidewalk is clear of snow, ice and debris. Fall down accidents can cause serious injuries to anyone, regardless of age, but when an elderly person is involved in a fall down accident, the injuries are often much more severe and the recovery much more difficult. If you own your property, always make sure to clear snow and ice. If you are renter and find that your sidewalk/stairwell has not been cleared, you should notify building management. 

Do not allow yourself to become distracted. This is important to remember behind the wheel and on foot. Many seniors have a slower reaction time than others, meaning a small mistake on your end could quickly result in a catastrophic injury. Far too many pedestrian knockdowns are caused by distracted drivers and distracted individuals.

Don’t toss your old sweaters, donate them! According to The Centers for Disease Control, annually more than half of hypothermia-related deaths are of people over the age of 65. There are organizations throughout the city that collect used clothing, coats, hats and gloves. 

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