Boulevard of Death May Earn a New Name

If you live in Queens or surrounding areas you’re likely familiar with Queens Boulevard, also known as the “Boulevard of Death”. According to officials, almost 200 people have died on Queens Boulevard since 1990.  Pedestrians and cyclists represent a significant portion of those injured and killed on Queens Boulevard.

In recent years the city has implemented major safety improvements as part of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero Campaign.

“As part of de Blasio’s Vision Zero campaign to end traffic deaths and injuries, Queens Boulevard underwent a redesign that included the addition of cameras, protected bike lanes and wider crosswalks and medians as well as lower speed limits and longer walk signal times to give pedestrians a full 60 seconds to cross instead of the previous 32 to 50 seconds.”- The Metro

The updates, thus far, appear to be a success as the number of deaths and injuries have plummeted. Queens residents, what do you think of the re-design, do you feel safer?