Don’t Test Your Odds, Surprising Stats about Beating Death

Did you know your chances of being fatally struck by lightning is just 1 in 161,856? And your chances of being fatally injured in an airplane crash is 1 in nearly 10,000. Your chances of dying due to unintentional drowning? 1 in almost 2,000. While the actual likelihood of being fatally injured as a result of lightning, a plane crash, or drowning is quite low, many people have a disproportionate fear of these things.

So what stats should we play closer attention to? Over the course of your lifetime, approximately 1 in 114 people will die in a motor vehicle crash. 1 in 127 people will die in a fall down accident. 1 in 985 motorcyclists will die in a crash. These are stats worth paying attention to and things we should be mindful of. It’s alarming to thinking about these statistics in relation to the number of people you went to high school with, or the number of Facebook friends you have, or the number of people walking the streets with you at any given moment. By remaining informed and engaged we can all play a part in preventing serious injuries and deaths.

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Source: National Safety Council