Nursing Home Neglect and Bed Sore Lawsuits

Bed sores, also called pressure ulcers, are lesions on the skin that arise when there is prolonged pressure on one area of the body. This causes skin damage as well as damage to the underlying tissue. This damage does not take a long time to occur in older individuals who are primarily confined to a bed and lie or sit in one position for too long. They range in severity from Grade 1, where the skin is discolored, to Grade 4, where there may be damage to the skin, bone, tissues, joints and tendons. In serious cases, infection, amputation and death may result.

To prevent these types of complications from occurring in nursing homes, preventive actions must be taken, especially if a patient is unable to be active. Patients should be repositioned on a consistent basis on the average of every two hours. There must be good hygiene and skin care. Checking the skin daily for signs of discoloration is helpful in preventing serious bed sores and using a moisturizer on the skin to prevent dryness is also a good practice. Residents of nursing homes should not develop bedsores. Patients have a right to receive quality care and if they are confined to a bed, this means that the staff should assist them in moving and repositioning their body several times a day.

If you believe that your loved ones are being neglected or abused, contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney like the ones at Jacoby & Meyers, LLP NY. You may have a legal claim for medical malpractice. This applies when the standard of care based on federal and state legislation is breached. Other types of medical malpractice include failure to diagnose bedsores, failure to admit a patient for bed sore treatment or provide appropriate treatment for the condition. Filing a claim for bed sore negligence may include not receiving the appropriate type or dosage of medication, lack of supervision, inadequate wound care and reporting bed sores in a timely manner. If the bedsores are left untreated and the individual dies, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed. This type of lawsuit provides compensation to family members who have lost their loved one due to the wrongful and illegal acts of another individual or entity.

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit against a nursing home, the wisest course of action is to call an experienced nursing home abuse attorney. Jacoby & Meyers, LLP NY has been providing the highest quality legal services to tens of thousands of clients since our founding forty years ago. Our nursing home and elder abuse attorneys have the needed skills, knowledge and compassion and will remain at your side for the entire process from investigation to prosecution. Call Jacoby & Meyers at 877-504-5562 or email [email protected].