Hazards at the Penn Station Renovation

Penn Station in New York City is the busiest railway station in North America, servicing over 600,000 commuter rail and Amtrak passengers a day. Recently Penn Station has begun major structural and cosmetic renovations, which can create hazards that cause personal injuries. Accidents involving heavy machinery, slips and falls, falling objects and exposure to dangerous chemicals can happen to anyone traveling through Penn Station, especially construction workers, who come in close contact with more hazardous situations.

According to the New York Daily News, the Penn Station renovations will include an additional 50 percent of space added to the main terminal as well as a 700,000 square foot area for retail. This will also include work on tracks, which Amtrak has determined are in critical condition. The project will be funded mostly by the MTA, Amtrak and the Port Authority, as well as by the federal government, New York State and a few private real estate companies. These renovations at Penn Station, coupled with the high volume of daily traffic, can make it more likely for accidents to occur, as well as more difficult determining who exactly is at fault.

Slips and falls caused by unattended liquids that can spill are the common danger hazards, but there are other hazards in the Penn Station renovations, as well. Another source of hazards is the heavy machinery railway workers come in contact with while on duty. A blunt force impact from malfunctioning or a stuck piece of equipment can cause severe injuries, such as broken limbs, burns and lacerations. Falling pieces of concrete and other materials can cause traumatic brain injury as well. Train cars themselves are also very dangerous; mechanics can be injured by moving engine pieces, and any impact with a moving train car is likely to result in severe injury or death.

A personal injury attorney with experience getting compensation for their clients from the MTA and Port Authority is an important factor to consider if you’re injured from a hazard at the Penn Station renovation. Personal injury cases against Amtrak have special considerations and strict deadlines, making it imperative to contact a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible if injured at Penn Station. Our team will determine if your accident was caused by Amtrak or the negligence of a private third party or government entity. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to hazards at the Penn Station renovation, please contact Jacoby & Meyers LLP, NY 877-504-5562 or email at [email protected].